From pond to plate and perfectly peeled in between

A consistent superior quality shrimp, sustainably farmed, no antibiotics ever. Responsibly sourced from Latin America, only from the world’s most advanced farms with the highest International Certifications.

Prime Shrimp is frozen at peak freshness to maintain the best taste, texture, higher quality, and color.

Prime Shrimp are exceptionally attractive and high-performing shrimp, of equivalent or better quality than hand peeled and deveined shrimp of any size.

Always consistent and transparent, our fully automated, precision processing in New Orleans, the U.S. with revolutionary technology brings the highest food safety standards and consistent premium quality. 

Traditoinal Hand-Peeled

Consistent superior product, frozen at peak freshness to maintain the best test, texture and color. 

Raw – Peeled and Deveined

Tail-Off – Individually Quick Frozen

Sizes: 61/70, 60/80, 71/90 | 5lb, 2lb or 1lb Bags



Ask us about private label and phosphate-free options.

PRIME SHRIMP VS Traditional Hand-Peeled P&D  - RAW and COOKED Comparisson.

Prime Shrimp 

Process Hands-free in the U.S.A

Innovative sourcing and automated processing create a new standard in:

  • Size uniformity, peeling accuracy, and quality control

  • Hygiene and food safety through minimal human contact

  • Transparency and traceability

Prime Shrimp: fully automated revolutionary peeling, deveining and sorting technology. 

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