The Prime Shrimp Project

With decades of experience in the global seafood industry and three generations of innovation under our belts, we set out to fix what's wrong with farm-raised shrimp, an industry that accounts for over 85% of US shrimp consumption. By re-thinking the supply chain and building our own state-of-the-art facility to peel and pack with precision automation in New Orleans, Louisiana, we created Prime Shrimp - the best farm-raised shrimp available in the United States.

Better Processing

Precision Domestic Automation

The precision automation in our domestic, state-of-the-art facility minimizes handling and eliminates abuse. We set the new standard in social responsibility and processing transparency.

Better Sourcing
Premium Ecuadorian Shrimp

We source Prime Shrimp from the leading suppliers in Ecuador, where less-intensive farming methods and advanced harvest and production technology make their aquaculture industry the most advanced and sustainable of its kind.

A more natural diet and extra room to move allow Ecuadorian shrimp to develop better flavor and texture without the use of antibiotics EVER.