Not all shrimp are created equal,
and we do things differently.
The Problem

Much of the frozen shrimp available in retail grocery and big box stores is raised and processed 8,000 miles away and subject to unsustainable farming practices, careless handling and intentional chemical abuse.

These problems with the existing shrimp supply result in a poor quality, inconsistent product that makes cooking at home harder, less rewarding and much less enjoyable than it should be.

Peeling Shrimp For Over 75 Years

Our Legacy

In 1943, our founder, at just 16 years old, dreamed up a shrimp-peeling machine while working a summer job at his father's seafood-packing plant in Houma, Louisiana. (That's him carrying the barrel.)

This was the first of thousands of innovative solutions that have improved the way every kind of food from seafood to vegetables to baked goods makes its way into our homes.
Our Solution
Source better shrimp.
Process with precision and care.
Create products that make exceptional results simple.
Better Sourcing

Premium Ecuadorian Shrimp

We source Prime Shrimp from the leading suppliers in Ecuador, where less-intensive farming methods and advanced harvest and production technology make their aquaculture industry the most sustainable of its kind.

A more natural diet and extra room to move allow Ecuadorian shrimp to develop better flavor and texture without the use of antibiotics EVER.
Better Processing

Prime Shrimp Precision Peeling

Domestic Automation. Minimal Handling. No Chemical Abuse. A new standard in social responsibility and processing transparency.

Shrimp Made Easy

Our Product

Premium raw, peeled and deveined shrimp combined with gourmet seasonings and sauces, vacuum sealed for sous-vide style, cook-in-bag preparation.

It's the ideal combination of high quality and high convenience to make any meal special.