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Signature Seasoned
Patricia B.

Tasted great and easy to cook!!


This was really tasty, and good value for money. The instructions were so easy, the cook time perfect. I’ll never stop ordering because it was perfect. I kept thinking about how great it would be for those who want to impress a loved one for dinner- just top cooked pasta with the shrimp Alfredo and dinner is done. Didn’t need more seasoning. Perfect.

Great flavor and no mess!

I can't get over how easy this was to prepare, and the flavor profiles were top-notch. Can't wait to cook with Prime Shrimp again!

Love it!

Awesome quality. Love being able to keep this in my freezer and cook a high protein meal in just a few minutes. Flavors are delicious and work well with any meal (tacos, rice bowls, etc.). Plan to keep stocked in my freezer year round.


The absolute easiest way to cook and eat shrimp!

Just Right !

Very nice ,enough of the smooth creamy sauce for two servings. Rethermed the shrimp in same pot as cooking pasta, super easy.

Beyond Yummy!

Delish and easy last minute meal, that doesn't cut any quality or taste. I'm very very impressed. We added noodles and spinach to ours, and it is so fantastic! I will be ordering more for crazy week nights. My picky eater daughter also LOVED it.

Easy and Delicious!

Perfectly seasoned, creole flare, pairs beautifully with rice or pasta. Left overs refrigerate well for re-heating the next day. I'm looking forward to trying over grits!

Perfect shrimp!

Perfectly tender and sweet shrimp after boiling in the bag for 7 minutes!

Signature Seasoned
Christine T.
Solid Dinner

The shrimp were clean, a great size, and tasted fresh. We served over pasta and broccoli and sprinkled with a touch of Tony's along with some grated Parmesan cheese. Such an easy and quick weeknight meal!

So easy, so delicious

Cannot say enough great things about both the Signature and Alfredo Shrimp - both were hits with the whole family! We had a DELICIOUS dinner on the table in under 10 minutes. A winner - will be ordering more soon!!

Awesome Seasoned Shrimp 🍤

Must say I am very pleased, after cooking and serving the season shrimps on salad, grits and sandwich.
Very happy customer! Will order again...


Easiest last minute dish without any sacrifice on quality. Shrimp were far better than any other frozen shrimp product I’ve had!

the shrimp alfredo was great

this was a great meal. I did the stove top method served with pasta. It was supper simple to prepare and the taste was great. I reheated the leftovers and had another two meals out of it. Suggestion, add a square code with quick how to video.

Signature Seasoned
Margaret B.
Delicious and Easy

This shrimp is perfectly seasoned and delicious. I couldn't believe how easy it was to prepare.

My wife never eats seafood and she liked this

I thought this could be an easy meal for me to cook, but it looks like I’ll be buying more often since I have to share now. The shrimp have a mild flavor and don’t overpower the Alfredo sauce, perfect on top of pasta

Quick convenient meal for the whole family!

As a mother of two who works from home, quick and convenient meals are a must. I love how Prime Shrimp's Signature Seasoned Shrimp is delivered right to my door and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. The flavor is great and my kids love them too!

Quick and easy

Love how packaged, can keep in freezer and pull out in a minute, when I don't know what to make, quick unexpected or expected meal can whip up a salad, pasta, over baked potatoes, fries or in tortillas or tortillas chips for nachos... so versatile and is so easy and quick.
Love and have shared product with friends and family and they are all anxious to keep buying locally somewhere at grocery, deli or through me.

Excellent and easy meal

The seasoning is delicious and not too spicy. I suppose after it is cooked and opened you could add hot spices. Not for me though. Like it like it is!

Couldn’t be easier

We love throwing this shrimp in salads and then keeping any leftovers in the fridge for a quick snack. Really nice flavor and texture.

Best way to cook shrimp

This product makes cooking shrimp easy. The seasoning isn't as strong as I would like, but I added some more seasoning after I cooked and it tasted great.

Simple and Easy

The Signature Seasoned shrimp were great! Heating them up was as simple as boiling water and they were ready to eat right away, no additional season was needed. We used them for tacos and they were delicious. I am looking forward to the next flavor!