In Most Cases, Frozen Seafood is A Better Choice!

In Most Cases, Frozen Seafood is A Better Choice!

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about frozen shrimp being a great choice when shopping for seafood, and we’re here to tell you…. that is absolutely correct!

The quality of all seafood degrades quickly every moment it spends on ice or under refrigeration – and that includes the sitting out at the seafood counter. (That product almost always frozen to the store and is thawed by the fishmonger before being put on display.)

So unless you are cooking or consuming shrimp within 48 hours of it being pulled from the water, your best bet for creating delicious dishes at home is finding premium quality shrimp that was quickly frozen immediately after catch, harvest or peeling.

To ensure you’re getting the best shrimp you can, first start in the frozen section. Processes like individual quick freezing (IQF) and blast freezing bring the temperature of seafood down quickly to give an even, deep freeze that protects peak freshness.

Packaging can also help maintain the freshness and quality of seafood. Vacuum sealing, for example, can prevent freezer burn and protects the shrimp from picking up rogue flavors or aromas as you are storing it in your home.