Shrimp Charcuterie Cups

Shrimp Charcuterie Cups

When it comes to culinary trends, charcuterie boards are top of the heap. They can be elegant, versatile, and accommodating, with displays of meats, seafood, cheeses, fruits, and more. But they’re definitely not portable, and standing by the cheese tray all night can make socializing difficult. That’s where these Shrimp Charcuterie Cups come in – classic charcuterie spruced up with perfectly cooked shrimp, served in easy (and aesthetically pleasing) personal portions.

Try this out next time you have guests. This recipe is sure to level up your hosting game.

How to make Shrimp Charcuterie Cups

Shrimp charcuterie cups come together easily. Just cook the shrimp, arrange the charcuterie and you’re good to go. You can get creative with this recipe both in ingredients and aesthetics – imagine you’re making an edible arrangement. You can add roasted nuts, dried fruits, or even a drizzle of balsamic reduction for added complexity. Personalize the cheeses according to your preferences, but make sure they're well-suited for pairing with shrimp.

Once you’ve decided on the elements of your Shrimp Charcuterie Cups, skewer the ingredients for height, incorporate some fresh herbs for garnish, and even add a dip to the bottom of the cup to change things up a bit.

These Shrimp Charcuterie Cups are guaranteed to impress your guests and elevate your next gathering. With the elegance of charcuterie and the fresh flavors of seafood, these are a truly unique and irresistible treat.