The Importance of Uniformity

The Importance of Uniformity - Prime Shrimp

Prime Shrimp uses proprietary Smart sorting technology to make sure the shrimp we put in each pouch are almost exactly the same size. This is one of the secrets to how our cook method delivers such consistently exceptional results in every kitchen.

Shrimp that are similar in size and volume will cook at very similar rates, and the opposite is true if there is a big difference between the largest shrimp and the smallest shrimp in your pot or pan. This difference is known as the uniformity ratio, and in addition to making shrimp easier to cook, a good uniformity ratio is also a strong indicator that your shrimp has been handled responsibly and carefully throughout it's journey from pond to plate.

Sorting shrimp is not an easy thing to do, and sorting it with the precision necessary to make our Cook-In-Bag product possible involved us literally inventing a new machine that uses lasers, advanced imaging and computer learning to ensure our shrimp have unrivaled size uniformity.

Anyone can put shrimp in a bag - but only Prime Shrimp's uniformly sized shrimp will cook evenly every time without any extra fuss.