The Perfect Shrimp Taco

The Perfect Shrimp Taco

What makes a perfect shrimp taco? We’d wager that a nice zingy slaw, some fresh veggies, and a few high-quality shrimp fit the bill. Luckily, the perfect shrimp taco also happens to be the easiest, thanks to our Lemon and Cracked Pepper seasoned shrimp.

This dish is a real winner due to its versatility. Everyone can personalize by choosing their own toppings, which means everyone is happy. Because we make shrimp so easy to prepare, it can be the star of the show or a quick addition to a spread of grilled chicken or steak.

What Goes with Shrimp Tacos

As far as shrimp taco toppings go, the light and bright flavor of our perfectly seasoned shrimp works with almost anything: avocado slices, crumbly cheese or fiery hot sauce. We love a creamy cabbage slaw, some pickled vegetables and a squeeze of lime.

To round out the meal, go full summer mode by pairing this shrimp taco recipe with an ear of grilled sweet corn or serve alongside beans and rice or chips and salsa.

It’s as easy as that – twenty minutes and dinner is served. We’re sorry in advance for your newfound shrimp taco addiction.