The Easy Shrimp Roll

The Easy Shrimp Roll

Move over, lobster rolls…There’s a new summer sandwich in town!

Satisfy a coastal craving anytime with this easy spin on a lobster roll recipe that works great with either Signature Seasoned or Louisiana Shrimp Boil (if you like things a bit spicier). What's better than premium seafood served on a warm, buttery bun?

Shrimp rolls, with their enticing blend of succulent shrimp, fresh vegetables, and creamy dressing, are the Prime Shrimp take on the Northeastern favorite. Shrimp rolls, often seen as a cousin to the iconic lobster roll, offer a more accessible yet equally satisfying seafood experience. A delicate balance of tender, juicy shrimp, crisp vegetables, and a luscious dressing, encased in a fluffy bun or roll, creates a dish that's simple yet sophisticated.

The beauty of shrimp rolls lies in their versatility, allowing for personalization to suit individual taste preferences. Whether seeking a light, refreshing meal for a warm summer day or a satisfying, comforting bite during cooler seasons, shrimp rolls effortlessly adapt to various occasions.

The heart of an exceptional shrimp roll lies in the filling. Utilizing fresh and high-quality shrimp is essential. The dressing, a pivotal element, often combines mayonnaise, tangy citrus, fresh herbs, and sometimes a hint of spice. Toss in a variety of crunchy, colorful vegetables such as crisp lettuce, thinly sliced cucumbers, or vibrant bell peppers to provide texture and freshness.