Seasoned Shrimp Rolls

Seasoned Shrimp Rolls - Prime Shrimp

Satisfy a coastal craving anytime with this easy spin on a lobster roll recipe that works great with either Signature Seasoned or Louisiana Shrimp Boil (if you like things a bit spicier). What's better than premium seafood served on a warm, buttery bun?

Chill the shrimp after cooking - shock the pouch in an ice bath, throw it back in your freezer for a few minutes or use leftover shrimp you cooked a day before. Rough chop the shrimp into bite-sized pieces and mix with:

  • diced celery
  • fresh dill
  • chives
  • mayonnaise
  • a splash of red wine vinegar
  • a squeeze of lemon juice

Any hot dog bun will work beautifully - from New England-style split top to brioche to classic Wonder Bread - just as long as it is lightly toasted and brushed with a little butter.

(Pro-tip: The delicious seafood salad you just prepared can also be enjoyed on crackers, in a lettuce cup or spooned into an avocado half.)

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