Shrimp and Chips with Pink Sauce

Shrimp and Chips with Pink Sauce - Prime Shrimp

As far as delicious, easy shrimp recipes go, it's hard to go wrong with a classic seafood plate. Fish and chips may be a staple, but we’d like to present you with a fresh twist: shrimp and chips. Not only is this recipe everything you could want in a meal, its ridiculously easy to pull together.

Created by Dale Gray of @thedaleyplate, this quick and easy take on a classic seafood plate features shrimp and homemade potato wedges balanced out by a delicious chop-style salad. Kick up your shrimp and chips with her delicious "pink sauce.”

If you don’t want to fiddle with making potato wedges from scratch, just use a bag of frozen from the store. That’s an easy way to cut down the time on this recipe, but it won’t take too long either way. Using Prime Shrimp ensures you won’t spend much time or energy on the shrimp, so all that’s really left is to make the fries and sauce.

Any flavor of Prime Shrimp will work with this recipe, but we recommend a seasoned variety.