Spicy Shrimp Orzo Bowl

Spicy Chickpea Orzo Bowl - Prime Shrimp

Good Orzo Recipes can be hard to come by. Is it rice? is it pasta? Is it both?

Okay, technically, it’s pasta. But for the purposes of a good meal, it can be treated like rice to make a satisfying grain bowl. This orzo recipe is everything you need for a healthy, satisfying meal. Inspired by Mediterranean flavors, this grain bowl brings together signature seasoned Prime Shrimp, spicy roasted chickpeas, fresh green olives, feta, avocados, and a lemony dressing all overtop a big base of orzo pasta.

This recipe was created not by us, but a fellow lover of Prime Shrimp. We sent Elif Alverson of @elifskitchencom a few packs of Prime Shrimp and asked her to create something delicious. She delivered with this beautiful Mediterranean grain bowl, showcasing the versatility of our Signature seasoning and the ease with which it can be incorporated into an appealing lunch or dinner.