Greek Salad with Shrimp

Greek Bowls - Prime Shrimp

Few things can beat a classic Greek salad. This shrimp salad recipe, which kicks a Greek salad up a notch with the addition of succulent seasoned shrimp, is on that short list.

The classic Greek salad captures the essence of Mediterranean flavors. Composed of simple yet flavorful ingredients, this salad features a colorful array of fresh, crisp vegetables. What truly makes the Greek salad unique is the generous addition of briny olives and creamy feta cheese, which add a perfect balance of tang and saltiness.

Drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of dried oregano, the shrimp salad recipe bursts with robust flavors that perfectly embody the bright, sunny essence of Greek cuisine. The combination of these elements not only creates a visually appealing dish but also a healthy one – Greece is a blue zone after all!

Another winner from Aubrey Johansen’s (@thatswhatsheeats on Instagram) this shrimp salad recipe so beautifully shows off both Aubrey's creativity and the versatility of our seasoned shrimp.

Pile on the flavors you already crave (in this case: bright citrus, plump olives, sweet tomatoes and fresh dill) and let Prime Shrimp be the clean, protein-packed cherry on top. Add some extra flavor with charred zucchini and you’ve got a truly winning salad on your hands. Best served with a nice tzatziki dressing.

Though Aubrey used Prime Shrimp Signature for her salad, any flavor of seasoned Prime Shrimp will shine here. The Lemon Pepper is another great choice to complement the bright Mediterranean flavors of the salad.