Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

Quinoa Lettuce Wraps - Prime Shrimp

The simpler, the better we say. That was the whole point of combining premium shrimp with gourmet seasonings and sauces in a format that cooks perfectly in any kitchen in 10 minutes or less.

So these straightforward Quinoa Lettuce Wraps, which come together by serving freshly cooked Garlic Herb Butter shrimp and quinoa over a few leaves of bibb lettuce, are about as good as it gets.

High quality and high convenience to elevate any occasion - even a last-minute weekday power lunch.

(Pro tip: you swap out quinoa for literally any grain, including leftovers straight from the fridge or those nifty microwave pouches)

What is Prime Shrimp?

Shrimp Made Simple

Premium Shrimp. Gourmet Ingredients. Cook In Bag Convenience.

No antibiotics ever. No chemical abuse. No thaw step. No handling raw seafood.

Exceptional results every time, in any kitchen, without any extra work or hassle.