What Is Sous Vide?

What Is Sous Vide? - Prime Shrimp

This high quality method of cooking originates in France, where "sous vide" translates to "under vacuum". Typically, a cut of meat is seasoned and sealed in a vacuum bag, then placed in a temperature-controlled water bath. This low and slow cooking process allows a chef to achieve precise internal temperatures without the risk of over-, under- or unevely- cooking the food.

For a long time, sous vide cooking was only done in the best of restaurants. The high price of sous vide appliances made it impossible for the home-cook to imitate the best Michelin star chefs. However, the sous vide method was popularized with the advent of social media and new affordable immersion circulators made for the adventurous consumer. Even still, the sous vide method remains something of a novelty, not lending itself to convenient, everyday home cooking. Most proteins take a long time to cook at the low temperatures of a water bath, and of course there is the hassle of owning, using and storing a vacuum sealer.  

At Prime Shrimp, we’ve actually found a way to avoid the hassles of sous vide cooking without sacrificing any of its benefits. Shrimp is a unique protein, that cooks incredibly fast. Since overcooking shrimp is so easy to do, the delicate cooking technique of sous vide is an ideal way to get consistently perfect results. Pair that with great flavors prepackaged with premium shrimp from Ecuador, and you’ve eliminated the need to break out the vacuum sealer too!