Our Promise To You

Our Promise To You - Prime Shrimp

If you love eating shrimp but don't particularly like cooking it at home - you're not alone! Much of the frozen shrimp available in retail grocery and big box stores is raised and processed 8,000 miles away and subject to unsustainable farming practices, careless handling and intentional chemical abuse. These problems with the legacy shrimp supply result in a poor quality, inconsistent product that makes cooking at home harder, less rewarding and much less enjoyable than it should be.

We're trying to fix what's wrong with shrimp. We source only from Ecuador's lower-intensity, highly-sustainable aquatic environments where a more natural diet and extra room to move allow shrimp to develop better flavor and texture without the use of antibiotics EVER. All peeling and processing happens here in Louisiana, in a one-of-a-kind facility of our own design that sets a new standard in social responsibility and transparency.

We created a better tail-off shrimp, but we didn't stop there. We added chef-inspired seasonings and sauces to help with meal-planning and messy prep work. We created a quick, clean and easy sous-vide style cooking experience that takes the guess work (and the thaw step) out of preparing perfect shrimp in any kitchen. And we did it because we've spent three generations trying to improve how the food you eat makes it to your table, and because we love shrimp as much as you do.