Prime Shrimp IQF

Improved Flavor, Color, Texture and Size Uniformity

Our unique combination of better sourcing and responsible, domestic processing makes Prime Shrimp not only beautiful and delicious but easy to handle, easy to portion, and easy to prepare.

Premium sourced, domestically processed shrimp available as Raw | P&D | Tail OFF | IQF

Prime Shrimp IQF

Superior Quality and Consistency

Premium Ecuadorian shrimp, raised in the most advanced and sustainable aquaculture environments. NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER.

Peeled and packed with precision automation in our state-of-the-art, domestic facility.

Precision Domestic Processing Improves Quality and Value

Prime Shrimp

Honest, responsible, and precision handling promises delicious, attractive and high-performing shrimp regardless of count size or treatment option. Choose the shrimp that is right for your menu.

Their Shrimp

Phosphate abuse and improper handling can leave shrimp bloated, rubbery and pale - requiring operators to accept lower yields and outcomes or pay more for larger counts or enhanced labeling.

Chefs Love Prime Shrimp

We loved the shrimp. Frying was quick and easy, and grilling was even easier. It cooked in just three minutes and was ready to serve and tasted great with just salt, pepper, and Tony's.

Tony Mize, Owner/Chef, The Beacon

Oxford, MS

Prime Shrimp had noticeably more flavor, color, and consistency as well as less shell and vein.  In addition, we noticed less drain loss and shrinkage when cooked. The more we used Prime the more we enjoyed it.

John St. Eve, Owner, Nacho Mama's

St. Louis, MO

Better taste and consistent high quality.

Cameron Cain, Chef, Cyclone Anaya

Houston, TX

Better than anything that we have ever purchased in taste and quality.

Marc Robert, Owner, Robert Fresh Markets

New Orleans, LA

We didn’t even previously sell shrimp, but in just one day I knew we could make several dishes with Prime Shrimp. Over just a few days, we made four or five different meals with Prime Shrimp and everything tasted great.

Alex Thompson, Chef, Harrison's 1810

Oxford, MS

Prime Shrimp stood out on all dimensions of quality: appearance, texture, taste, size. It improved the quality of our dishes.

CJ Labasse, Manager, Bacchus on The Beach

Pass Christian, MS

Raw | P&D | Tail OFF | IQF
Farm-Raised Pacific White Shrimp

Raised in Ecuador, Peeled and Packed in USA

No Antibiotics Ever
BAP 2 and 4 Star Available
All Natural and Phosphate-Free options
Highly Flexible Production
Palletized Domestic Inventory

31-35 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70

5lb Bags / 20lb Cases

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